Hydration Station

Created specifically for the tanning industry, the Hydration Station combines cutting edge technology with time-tested natural techniques to saturate tanned skin with moisture and accelerate UV and sunless tanning results. Hydration Station is the first system of its kind to offer tanning salons and tan spas the ability to prepare their client's skin for accelerated tanning results, prolong the life of their tan, and protect from the negative affects associated with tanning.

The Hydration Station is a full-body, automatic spa service that moisturizes the entire body and over time greatly diminishes wrinkles and other signs of aging. 

The Hydration Station has become one of the most popular services at Beyond Bronze Sun Studio & Spa, our guest look and feel so much better after just one use of the personal sauna!  

Few people drink enough water and their skin is thirsty for moisture. This service provides the surface of the skin with warm, topical, soothing moisture that creams and body lotions can't always accomplish. 

The Hydration Station is a full-body hydrating sauna reaching up to 118 degrees. Our guests lay inside the pod for 20-30 minute sessions. The station uses infrared heat and nutrient-rich steam similar to a sauna, opening pores and hydrating and detoxing the body from head to toe. The service deeply moisturizes skin, increases skin elasticity and collagen, cleans pores and improves skin tone and texture.

Often, people don't realize how dry their skin is until they try a few sessions in the Hydration Station. Large bottles of body lotion won't give the same results. Once you see how your skin looks and feels with the right amount of moisture, you'll see why this spa service is so popular! 

Available at both locations!