Are you more of an advanced tanner and feel as if you're just not developing any more color from the beds? Or are you looking to just tan once or twice a week to maintain your results? Look no further, as the Diamond Level is just the level that your tan needs. 

In our final level, our Diamond Beds are also known as High Pressure Beds. They are designed to help you get over a plateau, or darken the color that you've built in lower type beds. 

High Pressure tanning beds and booths are equipped with all High Pressure lamps that are approximately 3-4 inches in length and are behind a special square UV filtered glass (usually dark in color or mirrored). With this specialized equipment, tanning is taken to its purest form. The UVB rays are dramatically reduced and the tanning rays (UVA) are tremendously optimized.
This means you will have a beautiful rich bronze tan in JUST 3-5 visits. You will also only require 3-4 visits PER MONTH to maintain that tan.

After tanning for months, or years even, you eventually hit a plateau, or as most people know- tanning results stop all together. There are many reasons this could be... dry skin, no tanning lotion... etc. But the most common reason is the fact that you use the same level bed every single time and so because of this, what happens when you go into a gold bed every time? Eventually your skin produces all the melanin that it possibly can and at this point it can not do anything else. So now what? Now is the time for you to move up into the Diamond Level and this is why. 

Since the Gold Level only produces the Melanin, it is time to move to the Diamond Level for the fact that it is primarily UVA (these rays take ALL the Melanin you've produced and is popping it out to produce a darker tan.) Think of a popcorn kernel, when the heat gets to it, it expands and eventually pops into a piece of popcorn. Take that same concept and apply it to your tan. Your Melanin is the kernel, and the UVA is the heat that is brining your color to life. 

Long story short, the UVA is going to give you deeper, darker, longer lasting tanned results. 

Why would I want the Diamond Level?

To quickly answer this most commonly asked question, the answer is NO. 

Why are you less likely to burn in High Pressure Tanning Systems?

One of the beautiful things about High Pressure Tanning Systems is that the UVB
rays are at the barest minimum and the "tanning rays" are
tremendously optimized. This means that the margin of error on our part is very
small. The odds of overexposure are very low. We may still reduce the exposure
time by a few minutes if you are extremely fair skinned or have not tanned in a
long while. We do still recommend that you gradually expose parts of the body
not normally exposed to sunlight.

Do I have a higher risk of burning in a high pressure bed?