If you tan easily, or are looking to make your base tan last longer then this is the level for you. With the Platinum Level, not only are you producing Melanin and tanning the top layer of skin, but you will also be making your tan last longer as it tans into your second layer of skin and begins to pop out your color for quicker, longer lasting results! 

Are you an advanced tanner, looking for even more results? Click Here to view our Diamond Level 

Why would I want the Platinum Level? 

Another awesome feature to our platinum beds besides having both type of UV Rays in them, is the fact that you also get more bulbs... aka BIGGER BEDS!  Besides giving a more spacious, luxurious feel, you'll also lower the risk of getting uneven color or getting tan lines on your sides! Some of our platinum beds feature side tanners, and shoulder tanners to help prevent that even more! 

Platinum Benefits include: 

  • Stand Up Beds to help give a 360 Tan, even out tan, produce darker color

  • L-P3 Bed: Allows you to control all bulbs; even out your face/ neck tan by shutting off the body bulbs! Anytime you can switch them both back on, or shut off the facial. Not a fan of hot beds? This is the one for you then with the strong air fan!

  • Luxura Bed (coming soon): Come take a nap in our futuristic bed as our computer operated voice guides you through categories, built in music, and A/C controlled environment.

  • Sunscape Bed: Come lay in our biggest platinum bed imaginable! Not only will you get flawless bronze results with most coverage from a lay down, but you'll also get the tops of your shoulders tanned! Best part- it's only 10 minutes max!

  • Starpower Bed : Are you looking for a bed that makes you sweat to optimize your tanning results? Are you looking for one that has side tanners and shoulder tanners are well? Then this is the ideal one for you! In 12 minutes, transform your base tan into a dark, bronze tan.

Key Features & Benefits