April 2019 Special:

Receive 1 bottle of 310 Cali, 1 bottle of 707 Cali, and 1 bottle of No Apologies as well as 1 month of Platinum tanning for $105 + tax.

310 Cali (Bronzer, to use with tanning beds)- Aloe Vera delivers soothing and moisturizing effects to skin while Shea butter conditions and smoothes the skin. Sea Salt has 92 essential vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy skin and replenishes it while tanning. Finally, 310 Cali will cause in increase in the overall amount of Hyaluronic Acid in the body and advance a darker state of bronze color.

707 Cali (leg bronzer, to use with tanning beds)- Aloe Vera and Shea Butter deliver smoothing, soothing and moisturizing effects to the skin. Sea Salt works to nourish the skin while Caffeine will help tone and tighten legs.

No Apologies (tan extending shaving lotion, to be used at home)- This juice based shave lotion is combined with Sugar Cane to help condition, protect and soothe skin while shaving. The silky smooth formulation creates a thin, lather-free layer on the skin allowing for a closer shave with no irritation (say goodbye to razor burns!). With a combination of Caffeine and Shave Minimizers, your legs are sure to look toned, tightened and bronzed as the shave minimizers slow down the hair growth and causes you to shave less, which in turn makes you not shave away your color! This lotion can be used dry or wet.