Cal Tan Sunless Products

At Beyond Bronze, we are pleased to bring you the best sunless products to help achieve flawless spray tan results. From body washes to tan extending lotions, we are here to give you the best look in town! 



California Tan Sunless Color Priming Body Buffer Step 1 (at home, night BEFORE spray)  

Pumice and Quartz work together to help smooth and soften skin by sloughing off tough, dry skin and give it luminosity and shine. 

Volcanic Ash is ideal for removing the dead outer layers of skin, while Potassium supports overall skin radiance and moisturization. 

Walnut shell provides gentle yet effective exfoliation to smooth skin; rich in anti-oxidants to help protect skin. 

Aloe Vera soothes skin while providing a layer of moisture and contains antioxidants to help fight signs of aging. 

Cleansing ingredients provide a gentle yet effective cleanse that doesn't strip skin of its natural oils. 

How to use: Night before spray, apply to wet skin thoroughly and rinse off completely. Only use this the day before sprays, not recommended for use immediately after spray. 

California Tan Sunless Color Priming Maximizer Step 1 (at home, day of spray) 

Protein + Carbohydrate Complex proteins react with the DHA to result in darker sunless color, while carbohydrates strengthen the proteins abilities by energizing the skin. 

Marine Moist is a marine derived algae that promotes hydration and rejuvenates the skin. 

Ginseng contains 42 minerals, vitamins and amino acids to promote overall skin health. 

Gynostemma increases skin respiration to detoxify and nourish skin. 

How to use: Apply the Color priming maximizer before going into the spray booth to help develop and pull the color deeper into the skin. 


ct tan extender.jpg

California Tan Sunless Color Perfecting Complex Tan Extender Step 3 

Color Perfecting Complex Natural Colorant Blend is a patent-pending, anti-oxidant rich blend of seven natural colorants that enhance and darken skin's organic color and conceal imperfections. 

Long Lasting Color Protectant is a blend of ingredients, including Grape Seed and Blueberry that is perfectly formulated to hydrate skin, slow down cell renewal and bind moisture to skin for longer lasting color. 

Skin Advancing Properties maintain energy balance of cells which is necessary to keep skin cells healthy and properly functioning. 

Caffeine leaves skin with a tightened and toned appearance. 

How to use: Apply after bathing daily to help moisturize and add additional color to extend the life of your spray tan. Note: Wash hands after use. 

California Tan Sunless Color Enhance Body Wash Step 3

Sea Salt contains minerals that when combined with warm water in the shower, revitalize and prevent moisture loss. 

Ever Fresh Technology works to inhibit unpleasant odors while helping to provide skin with a smooth and soft feel.

Intense hydration blend provides exceptional moisture and locks it into the skin. 

Cleansing ingredients provide a gentle yet effective cleanse that doesn't strip skin of its natural oils. 

Free of Paraben, Gluten, and Dyes to protect tan from prematurely fading. 


How to use: Apply a liberal amount of the Color Enhance  Body Wash during bathing to help with the prolong life of your spray tan color.  



California Tan Sunless Odor Neutralizer Step 3 

Odor Neutralizer Technoloy is a combination of two ingredients that attack After Tan Odor on two fronts; breaking down malodor molecules, minimizing and absorbing odors and replacing them with crisp Pear fragrance 

Caffeine energizes and tones skin for improved tone, performance and texture. 

Vanilla Extract and Vitamin B cleanses, soothes and softens while protecting skin. 

Witch Hazel cleanses and tightens skin, leaving it feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Green Tea Keeps skin hydrated for a youthful appearance. 


How to use: Apply Odor Neutralizer immediately after sunless application, two hours after, and four hours after to help dissolve mal odor.