More than just tanning lotion

Often when one thinks of indoor tanning, it is only thought of as an alternative way to produce a tan and that it leaves you with unhealthy skin (i.e. aging the skin, leaving your skin looking like “leather”.) 

As we enter 2018, we are now much more educated on the fact that besides developing color, we now also need to protect our skin by using proper skin care. Not only will this help maximize our bronzing results, but it will also help achieve healthy, radiant, younger appearing skin thus shedding the stigma of unhealthy, and looking like leather.

Tanning lotions not only help to achieve the best color, but will also deliver immense hydration, skin conditioning and nourishment via current skin care trends. Using the best skin care ingredients in the market, our brand of lotions delivers quality vitamins, emollients, hydrators, nutrients, antioxidants etc, to help protect the skin from getting damaged, dehydrated and aged.

At Beyond Bronze, we take skin care seriously, which is why we only sell the best: Designer Skin, Swedish Beauty, Cal Tan and Australian Gold. Scroll below to see the different categories of skin care we provide!




Looking for a quick way to receive color? Bronzers help to achieve immediate and delayed color results from the use of DHA and other cosmetic bronzing agents. They are infused with vitamin and nutrient rich formulas that supply the skin with a healthier appearance, giving a more radiant glow, and hydrated feel to the touch.  



Looking for a more natural approach to your tan? Intensifiers help to deliver dark, natural bronzing results through hydrating and skin conditioning without the use of DHA. It works with your own natural skin color production to give optimal results. 



Are bronzers and intensifiers just not doing it for you and you're looking for something more advanced? Then tingles are for you! Tingle Lotions deliver a flushed reddening color to skin as it increases microcirculation and oxygen levels for deeper and darker results! Also known to be Plateau breaker. 

Not for the faint of heart or beginning tanners. 

Tan Extenders 

Go beyond indoor tanning to achieve longer lasting bronzing results with tan extenders. Specially designed to prolong the life of your tan, these moisturizers are designed to optimize and nourish your bronze results. Unlike regular daily moisturizers, tan extenders are free of sulfates and parabens that strip your tan. They also help to hydrate the skin to seal in proper moisture, so the tan you achieve indoors can last longer. Also infused with nutrients and vitamins that help aid in skin care and giving a more healthy, vibrant appearance and replenish what is lost during tanning sessions.